Company Profiles

Granite Hills is a New South Wales State Significant wind farm development project being developed by a leading renewable energy independent power producer (IPP), another name for a company which owns power plants, called Akuo Energy. Find more information on Akuo Energy below.

Founded in 2007, Akuo Energy was France’s first Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer (IPP), and has maintained its status as an IPP leader until today. Akuo develops for the long term, maintaining ownership of its projects through construction and into operations. Akuo currently has over 1.3GW of power production capacity in both operations and construction across 60 sites around the world. One of Akuo’s core objectives is to develop projects that do more than provide green energy, using innovative ideas and technologies such as Agrinergie® and Aquanergie®, which combine renewable energy generation with farming and aqua-culture, respectively. Akuo is committed to doing more than just providing green energy and consistently looks for ways to build projects which integrate into and improve the local environment and community.

Akuo Energy’s Sustainability Policy, which is implemented throughout all of its projects, can be found here. Akuo is committed to undertaking sustainability practices through its contact with and consideration of the environment, ethical business, human rights, local communities and the wider society, workforce employment and human resources, occupational health and safety, contractors and suppliers, site security, and active social responsibility.

For more information, please visit Akuo Energy’s website.

Willy Willy, a small local company operating within the renewable energy sector, has a minority interest in the project but is not actively involved in the development. There is no relation between Granite Hills or Akuo with any of Willy Willy’s other projects or other projects in the area.