Community Consultative Committee

A Community Consultative Committee (CCC) was established in late 2017 to open the dialogue with the community and stakeholders. Minutes of the meetings can be found below, and the CCC members are:

Peter Gordon – Independent Chair (

Adam Wood – Snowy Monaro Regional Council

Keith Tull – Bega Valley Council

David Williams – Community Representative

Vickie Pollard – Community Representative

Will Jardine – Community Representative

Maria Linkenbagh – Community Representative

Aidan Dalgliesh – Community Representative

Tracey Lineham – Community Representative

John Cook – Community Representative

Shane Quinnell – Granite Hills Wind Farm

Jean Ballandras РGranite Hills Wind Farm 


Seeking expressions of interest for Community Representatives

The purpose of the Community Consultative Committee is to provide a forum for open discussion between representatives of the community, local council, Granite Hills Wind Farm, and other stakeholders within the local community. The role on the CCC is voluntary and meetings are generally held four times per year.

Members of the community or local stakeholder groups can submit an expression of interest to join the CCC.

For more nomination information, please contact the Chairperson Peter Gordon on 0417 064 767 or email

Selection Criteria:
Applicants must have the ability to
Contribute constructively to CCC discussions
Attend meetings
Communicate information about Granite Hills Wind Farm between the CCC and broader community.

Download a nomination form

Local Community Representative

Representative of Stakeholder Group

Additional information

Declaration of pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests

Code of conduct 


CCC Meeting 7 – 7 December 2018:

GHWF CCC Meeting No.7 Minutes

CCC Meeting 6 – 11 September 2018:

GHWF CCC Meeting No.6 Minutes

Granite Hills Presentation – CCC Meeting 6

Akuo Energy Meeting 6 Previous Community Benefits Presentation

Project e CCC Meeting 6 Stakeholder Management Presentation 

CCC Meeting 5 – 22 May 2018:

GHWF CCC Meeting No. 5 Minutes

Granite Hills Presentation – CCC Meeting 5

CCC Meeting 4 – 26 March 2018:

GHWF CCC Meeting No. 4 Minutes

SMEC CCC Meeting 4 Environmental Summary

CCC Meeting 3 – 30 January 2018:

GHWF CCC Meeting No. 3 Minutes

CCC Meeting 2 – 27 November 2017:

GHWF CCC Meeting No. 2 Minutes

CCC Meeting 1 – 3 October 2017:

GHWF CCC Meeting No. 1 Minutes

CCC Meeting 1 Presentation