Granite Hills Wind Farm

Granite Hills Wind Farm is the result of a joint venture between two companies, one from Australia and the other from France:

Akuo Energy

Akuo Energy is France’s leading independent renewable energy producer.

The company has 763 MW of renewable energy in operation, construction or under financing all around the world. The group was founded in 2007 and is 80%-owned by its founders. It develops its own assets which it operates from the outset, consolidating the revenue generated. Akuo Energy is an integrated player covering the entire value chain, developing and financing projects, construction and operation of our assets.

Akuo Energy is committed to developing exemplary projects, which go beyond the mere production of electricity to create additional social benefits for the populations of the places where they are built.

Akuo have a local office in Sydney.

Willy Willy

Willy Willy is an Australian company, owned and operated by two business men, Antony Shingler and Guy Dawson having between them many years of business experience, who are passionate about wind power and other renewable energies.  Willy Willy is a project company for Granite Hills, established to provide assistance to the Akuo Energy project team here and also in France.

Although currently residing in the Southern Highlands, one of the partners has owned property in the Nimmitabel area for more than 15 years bringing local knowledge and existing relationships. Willy Willy have a local office in Moss Vale in the Southern Highlands of NSW.